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There is no charge to anyone who uses the referral service of patienttransferontario.ca. This does not include the separately negotiated rate of patient transfer service between the patient (or person paying for patient) and the patient transfer or ambulance company.

All financial, transfer service or other arrangements are between you and the patient transfer or ambulance company that has been selected based on the information that was provided on the request form. We do not guarantee any service that a patient transfer or ambulance company may or may not provide for you.

The patient transfer company will confirm customer entered data and give you a no obligation quote. If for some reason this does not happen or if you are unsatisfied with any issue we take no responsibility. The patient transfer company may or may not pay advertising fees to patienttransferontario.ca

Customer supplied data will not be sold by patienttransferontario.ca.  This data should only include information the the end user wishes to be forwarded to the preferred provider chosen by patienttransfeontario.ca. If you don't feel comfortable with this do not use our service.

Please contact the patient transfer company directly regarding their terms and conditions.

patienttransferontario.ca is not responsible for the accuracy, authenticity or reliability of the content of any page of this website.

patienttransferontario.ca choice of preferred patient transfer operators is based on numerous factors and is our opinion only. This may or may not be the opinion of other parties.

If you would like to provide feedback regarding a transfer that has occurred please use our feedback form.

Terms and Conditions

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